Nintendo & Nvidia come into a Partnership to Change the Gaming Future

go site When we talk about the gaming world, the most prominent company that comes to our mind is Nintendo. When we talk about graphics and high-quality game cards, then the company that strikes to our mind is Nvidia. Now, think about the possibilities if both these companies come together. The good news is that this is actually happening.

go It would give a boost to the gaming world and bring some new amazing games to make gamers around the world even more entertained. While the Nintendo Switch might be focusing on markets like US, Europe and Japan, it appears that it will also keep in mind other countries like China that have huge demand and the opportunity to generate billions of dollars will be lost if they miss these markets. The China version of the games can now play and select Nintendo Wii and GameCube games.

“Extending the relationship that brought Nvidia to Nintendo Switch, some of Nintendo’s game and one of the most beloved Wii and Nintendo GameCube titles are officially headed to China, this would happen in the very first time in the history of gaming.  New Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and games like Punch-Out are remastered in 1080p, and that would be available on the China version of Nvidia Shield,” a statement from Nvidia officials in an interview.

What this just means is that if you have an Nvidia Shield and you reside in China, then you can play the games listed above with Super Mario Galaxy, one of last generation coming shortly to the Nvidia Shield.

This move has come with some intriguing possibilities for countries where Nintendo doesn’t have its official presence. It would also give a push in other Asian countries like India and Japan.

So, if you are living in any Asian Countries and missing some of these games, then the moment has come when you can enjoy these awesome games sitting in the comfort of your homes.

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